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Introducing the Legendary Cost of Production Calculator

This tool will change how you look at your orders. Once you turn the lights on you can:

-Reduce shop workload while simultaneously increasing profits.

-Identify problematic customers.

-Focus on solving problems for truly profitable clients.

-Turn bad orders into good orders by adjusting the design to fit budget/quantity.

I want to know my cost!



  • "Dude, ****ing saved me. I was seriously undercharging on large orders. Now I just stick to the calculator for everything and bam! I got money in the bank to buy new toys."

  • "Your work means a lot to us at our shop. The calculator is a big reason for our growth and I believe, is a driving force that took us from a small blue Amazon press, to an automatic shop since purchasing it.

  • “A highly sophisticated tool to keep track of all expenses. Well worth the investment”

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"How is this different from the spreadsheet I already have?"

Our new calculator is like nothing that has come before it. Like our original spreadsheet, it takes into account every little material cost and labor task but so much more accurately and articulately than ever before. It only takes a few seconds to enter an order but the data produced is truly powerful. Features include:

-Accurate Labor Rates

The actual cost per hour of an employee is much high than their labor rate and varies from company to company and employee to employee, our calculator adds up all the extra costs like taxes, breaks, sick time, etc to give an accurate estimate of cost per labor hour.

-Estimated Press Time

Our calculator gives the most accurate press time estimations available for more accurate scheduling.

-Machine Time Value Assessment

Presses aren't cheap and trained printers are not easy to come by. Once we have a good estimate of how long an order will take and how much money we will bring in off the order we can compare the two numbers to see how many dollars per press hour the job will bring in. This feature is like having magic goggles to look into your business, once you can compare orders based on their machine time value, you will most certainly start to strategize to earn more per press hour and weed out the bad orders.

- Payment Methods W/ Multiple Options to Recover CC Processing Fees
Processing fees are killing you and taking 10% or more of your profit! Keeping a careful eye on who is paying by check and presenting the cheaper price as a cash discount will encourage customers to take a second to cut out the convenience fee.

- "Capacity-Based Pricing", to Strategically Compliment Workload With Pricing
When you get busy, you may want to up your price for certain types of customer to avoid being overly busy. With capacity based pricing you can favor orders that are easy to produce when the shop is nearing capacity, while discouraging orders that are time intensive. Our calculator is the first in the world to automates this intuitive practice.

New Features:

- Up To 6 Garment Styles Per Quote

- Up to 12 Print Colors Per Location

- Up to 4 Print Locations Per Order

- Separate Garment and Print Margins

- Customer Profiles for Taxability, Pricing Category, and Other Customer Defaults

- Small Order Premiums

- Multiple Shipping/free shipping Formats and Settings

- Variable Rush Fees and Early Bird Discounts

- Sales Tax Settings & Options

- Platen Changes

- Color Changes

- Variable Loading Time & Flash Speeds for Estimating Dwell Time

- Art Dimensions and Coverage Percentages to Calculate Ink Usages

- Revolver Mode to Add Additional Revolutions to Press Time Calculations

- Press Profiles For Accurate-to-Press Calculations

"Why a spreadsheet and not a software?"

Simply, because you don't need another software to know your cost.! It's all numbers, and a one time purchase solves the problem. We didn't want to sell you something you don't need for the sake of collecting money from you every month. We believe that in listening and solving problems we will get further than just marketing a product. 

"If I charge more, won't I lose work?"

Behold the power of alternative, once you know the cost of a particular order, you can help customers stay within their budget by suggesting alternatives in design layout, color count, locations, garment, etc.

You will only lose the orders that are costing you money so shed the dead weight.

Print less, make more. 

"I'm working 60+ hours, we are growing fast, but everything goes back into the business."

Since the 90's the cost of producing apparel has steadily increased while pricing has remained roughly the same. The screen printing industry operates on slim margins, & recently it's in an all out pricing crisis. The demand for good work is off the charts, but the perceived value of a shirt is just too low compared to the cost to produce. Like most industries, printers base their pricing on their competitors. Price based on what the market will bear makes good business sense only until it get's too close to cost. With such an elaborate process and so many variables, how do you get a handle on what a particular order costs? We've made screen printings most accurate production cost calculator so you can really know whether order is worth your time.

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