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Legendary Cost of Production Calculator 2.0

Legendary Cost of Production Calculator 2.0

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Important Notes*

-Please watch the tutorial video in it's entirety. It's long but it will be well worth the time. 

-This tool will only work in google sheets, and will not open correctly in Excel. You must have a working google account to use this tool. 


"A year in the making, the follow up to CloakWork's breakout debut spreadsheet, the Legendary Cost of Production Calculator 2.0 is like nothing the screen printing world has ever seen. Ever wonder if you charged enough for an order? Are you printing boat loads of shirts but not really making much money? Mystery solved. Just plug in a few of your costs and how much you wanna make and bam! Spits out a price. Too easy!"


New Features in 2.0

- Up To 6 Garment Styles Per Quote

- Up to 12 Print Colors Per Location

- Up to 4 Print Locations Per Order

- Press Time Calculations for Better Scheduling

- Machine Time Value Assessment

- "Capacity-Based Pricing", to Strategically Compliment Workload With Pricing

- Separate Garment and Print Margins

- Customer Profiles for Taxability, Pricing Category, and Other Customer Defaults

- Small Order Premiums

- Multiple Shipping Formats and Settings

- Real Labor Costs Including Workmans Comp, FICA, PTO, Paid Breaks, & Paid Benefits

- Variable Rush Fees and Early Bird Discounts

- Sales Tax Settings & Options

- Payment Methods W/ Multiple Options to Recover CC Processing Fees

- Platen Changes

- Color Changes

- Variable Loading Time & Flash Speeds for Estimating Dwell Time

- Art Dimensions and Coverage Percentages to Calculate Ink Usages

- Revolver Mode to Add Additional Revolutions to Press Time Calculations

- Press Profiles For Accurate-to-Press Calculations

Disclaimer: This tool is for informational purposes only and should not be regarded as financial advice. We cannot tell you what you should charge. We are not a financial institution. Consult with your accountant and/or other finance professionals about the profitability of your business. We are not responsible for any results or using this tool, positive or negative. That being said, rock out, make money, and tell your friends if we helped.
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