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Magical T-Shirt Sizing Bell Curve Calculator

Magical T-Shirt Sizing Bell Curve Calculator

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Don't leave your customer with a bunch of smalls and 2X's! Your customer selling out of shirts means quicker reorders for you. Making a sizing curve recommendation moves the conversation along quicker, and positions you as the helpful screen printer. With our Magical Bell Curve Calculator just type in the total order quantity and abracadabra! You are ready to send sizes.  Stay in front of your customer by sending them a copy with your branding/logo. Now every time they go to order shirts, they will think of you, the printer invested in their success!

Q: How is this different from the one I made for myself?

A: Most bell curve calculators leave fractions at the end that need to be reassigned and re-added up to the total order quantity, with ours, this happens automatically, eliminating the extra steps of getting a pen and paper out and fiddling around.
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